Wallet & Exchange, Digital Bank

In seconds, with only your email, globally manage cryptocurrencies and standard FIAT currencies like USD, Euro, Peso and many others.

Receive, Pay, Transfer, Exchange and Invest globally in a very simple way, in one place.

Mercury is operative in Alpha stage under permanent modification and updating.

Open your account in seconds with just your email

Manage all your FIAT and  Crypto currencies in one place, including the Mercury's issued Credit Cards, loans, investments and loyalty/couponing points program

Globally receive payments in cryptocurrencies

Mercury automatically creates and assign to your own cryptocurrencies' public addresses.

Merchant and Point of Sale functionality.
Publish the sign at your shop and at your web page showing your own cryptocurrencies addresses and receive globally payments from anyone.

Mercury to Mercury transfers

Receive, send, transfer and pay easily, fast and non expensive cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies between Mercury's Users

Mercury Wallet
Exchange and Invest

Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies and FIAT standard currencies in a very simple and fast way.
You can instantly convert between your accounts, just select the origination and destination accounts.

Easily Deposit and Withdraw

You can Deposit using cryptocurrency, or FIAT standard currencies using your Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

You can Withdraw sending cryptocurrencies or by a Bank Transfer or using our Mercury issued Credit Card.
Mercury will issue its own tokens

Ethereum and Binance BSC Blockchains:

MCS is the Mercury's Stable token which value is always 1 USD.

MSI is the first Mercury's Investment token which initial value is 1 USD and its value is market driven

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